Design to Do List: Summer Edition

1) Learn to sew
I've got fabric picked out and I'm going to start simple with some pillows (with the help of my mama)! Wish me luck!

2) Continue to develop my drawings
Entering into design school in October, it makes me very nervous that I've never taken a drawing or art class. Look forward to many more editions of Wednesday's Doodles as I continue to work on my skills!

3) Go to an outdoor flea market
We have a local farmer's market in town which I love, but its mostly fresh produce and clothing. I'm talking about a big flea market with furniture and home goods! 

4) Finish (ahem..start) my DIY projects
I've got atleast one major DIY project on my mind...I'll give a hint: It involves a four dollar coffee table I purchased at Good Will!
What are some of your summer goals?
Tiffany Leigh


Live-Style20 said...[Reply]

so cute ; DD ; ))

Vicky said...[Reply]

You will love sewing! I'm not the best, but I've learned the basics from my grandmother and will hopefully get a small machine one of these days.

A few goals on my list are to finish styling my apartment that I moved into about a month ago and to start a blog.

Amber B (Simple Dwellings) said...[Reply]

Those are great summer goals! I would also love to learn how to sew! I would save a lot of money that way. :) My main summer goal is to try refinishing some furniture pieces. Now that's it's in writing, I better do it. :) And that's so exciting that you'll work on your drawing. I'm sure you'll do great in design school!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

You have no need to worry about your skills at this point! You're hand renderings look pretty damn good to me! :) As for everything else, it looks like a perfect summer!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Love your list...on my to do list is to MAKE a summer to do list, great idea!:)

Amy Shaughnessy said...[Reply]

I need to get back into my sewing. Somehow I used to make plenty of time for it but now I have NO time. I have two little boys so I don't get to have my 'me' time too much anymore.