Benches in Front of Fireplace

In my mission to fit seating for 8 in the floor plan assignment I discussed yesterday, I decided that the best option was to put a bench in front of the fireplace. I like this solution for extra seating because it is low and doesn't distract, but makes a perfect perch for guests and can form a conversation zone where there otherwise is not room for one. It would also be a fun way to add another textile or pattern in the room without a huge commitment. A bench is also light and easily moveable.

Don't put the bench too close and burn the house down now.
What do you guys think of this look?


Laura at Simply Lowcountry said...[Reply]

I really like a bench in front of the fireplace. I was in a home yesterday that did this and loved it! Great way to add seating, without it being overly noticeable.


Stephanie Shepherd said...[Reply]

I think a bench is a great alternative to the couch + loveseat combo. A much better look actually! And it's not so overpowering that the view of the fireplace can't still be enjoyed. Love the bench in the third picture!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...[Reply]

This is were function and form are equal!!!!
Perfect solution!

Live-Style20 said...[Reply]

fine pics ;-))
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Natalie said...[Reply]

Love this idea -- the tufted ones are my favorite!

Hannah said...[Reply]

I like it as long as it doesn't cover the fireplace! But in theory it's amazing because I want to be as close to the toastiness as possible!

McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...[Reply]

I love this idea! It really is a great way to add extra seating, especially in a small space.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...[Reply]

I think it's a great idea. I'm actually doing the same thing, putting a bench I just recovered in front of our fireplace. Of course, ours isn't functional, so no worries of burning the tush. :)

charmaine said...[Reply]

Love the idea especially the daybed!

Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...[Reply]

I never thought of this arrangement but I think it looks great! I think the low brightly colored benches look best. Can't go wrong with two low stools like in one of the pics. Good work, Tiffany!

Holly Foxen Wells

Kristen said...[Reply]

It actually looks great. Wasn't quite sure when you first mentioned it, but I kinda love it now.