New Blog Design is Live!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Wednesday's Doodles to bring you an exciting message!:
Some of you may have noticed that the little blog looks a WHOLE LOT different today. I am so thrilled with the new design! It is soo much more me! I have Melissa, the creative genius behind 20 Going on 80 and Cherry on Top Blog Shoppe to thank for the amazing makeover. She completely captured my vision and brought it to life. While I knew exactly WHAT I wanted, I had no idea how to get there. This is the scattered brained idea sheet I sent her:
And now you are looking at the beautiful final result!
If any of you are looking to change up your blog, believe me, Melissa is your girl. If you're in the market for a HIlarious blog to read, she's also your girl. Go check her out guys!

I'm still working on getting my pages perfected. But I have completed my 'About Me' page. Check it out HERE to learn more about yours truly.


Taylor {CoverGirl + Converse} said...[Reply]

Oh my goodness Tiffany, this looks amazing!! It is so beautiful. Great job, Melissa!

STARDUST said...[Reply]

Love the new look! I bet you're happy with it!

Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...[Reply]

OMG I L-O-V-E the new look! I am in the process of looking for someone to re-do my blog so I just might have to give her a call! Amazing!

holly foxen wells

Stephanie Shepherd said...[Reply]

It looks great! Love all the white space, and that little tassel is perfect! :)

-Courtney Lane- {blog} said...[Reply]

Your new blog design looks AMAZING :) love it!