Weigh in on: Art on the Floor

This shh cray...or is it? Today I'd like you readers to weigh in on a question I've been pondering lately: Does art on the floor look chic, or simply unfinished? Part of me says hang those babies! And the other part thinks that when it's done right it looks totally cool. I'd be a bit nervous of knocking it over though (I'm quite clumsy). As you can see, I'm you vote! Yes or No?
^ The pallet ties it all in in this dreamy, girly space.
 ^ The fashion inspired elements of these prints and the colouring compliment the dining room's chic style perfectly. Would the walls looks too blank if the writing wasn't there?
unknown source?
^I think that this one looks good because of the leaning art on the higher level. It looks balanced and purposeful, as opposed to "I'm too lazy to hang this right now".

So...did you decide? xo


Sarah said...[Reply]

The fact that you started this post with "This shh cray" confirms that we are twins as I use this statement daily....confirmed, called it, twins!
I personally LOVE artwork on the floor but I think it confuses people. If you used it in your home people might think it's "ready to be hung". I have a huge mirror in my front hall that we have leaning instead of hanging and people are constantly asking, "are you going to hang that???" I'm like, hello peeps, it's not meant to be hung!!!
Anyways, my vote still goes for yes! Love art on the floor!

Sophie said...[Reply]

i love it in the last photo, but i think the first two look like they might have just been a little lazy to hang them haha. i would love to try it though!

Stephanie Shepherd said...[Reply]

I definitely see your point! I like this look, and especially in that last photo.

A room with a view said...[Reply]

Absolutely, yes! I think this idea lends an art gallery feel, a collected feel to a space. I would do these and am contemplating this, actually, in my own home. I am already a huge fan of large mirrors propped up against the wall. The key is to have them only in certain places and not everywhere where they could be hazardous - I can be a little clumsy myself :) I love the pictures here.

STARDUST said...[Reply]

I love art on the floor! It seems so... artistic!