My Forty Hour Project

Well my loves, did you miss me? I'm still in finals but I just finished the biggest assignment of the term, so I'm hoping the rest will be quicker and easier. I'm so excited to share this project with all of your today!

We were asked to design a loft. We were given the basic dimensions and a couple specifics, but we got to invent out client and decide if we wanted a mezzanine or not, where to put it, where to put washrooms, kitchen, living room, etc. Not only did we have to do a floor plan and two sectional elevations, we were also required to create a sample board and make a to scale 3D model of the space! Let me walk you through it:
Here you can see my hand drawings of the views of the lower and upper levels of the loft. The main living area (tv area, lounge and kitchen) are all open concept with double height ceilings. You can see that the foyer, office and powder room are located underneath the mezzanine. The mezzanine level contains the bedroom and 3 piece bath. From the bedroom you can look over into the rest of the living space. The wall on the right is a full window wall with a door out to the balcony.
Also, you can see that I stacked the washrooms and kept them horizontal to the kitchen. This is the most efficient plan for plumbing.
Here is a sectional elevation giving you a better idea of the space. I located the television under the stairs to keep it somewhat out of sight and also to protect it from the glare of the massive window wall.
This is my favourite elevation that I've done so far. This wall of the loft has the original exposed brick. A large sliding glass door leads into the office.

Now a bit about my client and inspiration. My client is a young, single man in his early 30s who has a successful career in advertising. He is a guy's guy, who loves having the his friends over to watch the game and play poker. While he loves and fully embraces the downtown sophistocated lifestyle, he also loves the outdoors. I wanted to bring these contrasting but equally traditionally masculine aesthetics together in the space. Thus, menswear became my inspiration:
Specifically these dueling looks of Ryan Gosling... I mean, does it get any better?
(Parti is the essential idea or concept of a space).

Here are the products that I used to bring this idea to life:
Mid century modern pieces, industrial touches, a grey palette with warm teak and orange toned woods, suiting fabrics, etc. I also think the ceramic deer head is the perfect blend of rustic and urban!

Finally here is the piece de resistance, my model, where my drawings and concept are brought to life:
I'm so glad to be done, but it was a very fun project! 
If this is how term one wraps up...I'm a little bit scared for term two!


Anonymous said...[Reply]

Looks amazing Tiffany! I love that Ryan Gosling was the client inspiration :) can't wait to see what your second term brings.

Sabrina Tajudin said...[Reply]

wow! its is perfect!

Beth of designPOST Interiors said...[Reply]

It is so fun to live vicariously through your design school experience!

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...[Reply]

The details..fabulous. So thought out! Your client is quite the guy! I would give you an A+ for sure!

Margaret Birch said...[Reply]

That must have been a lot of work! You did a great job, Tiffany, as always :)

Kristen said...[Reply]

OMG this looks like a ton of work!Looks great!

Sheri @ said...[Reply]

Great job Tiffany! Just imagine what you could do in AutoCad, lol!

Best wishes,


Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy said...[Reply]

Shiver me timbers, that model looks fiddly! Well done! You have such an eye for pulling things together - it's inspiring to see how you have found what you want to do in life, and are such a natural at it.

srldesign said...[Reply]

This looks amazing Tiffany! Awesome job on this...I know it must have taken so much time! kuddos to you ;-)

Albertina || MimosaLane said...[Reply]

congrats!!! love it!! You can tell you worked really hard. Enjoy your holiday and relax

Frazzled-Razzle-RN said...[Reply]

That's amazing work!

Megan@TwoDelighted said...[Reply]


Laura Dro said...[Reply]

Bravo Bravo! So amazing! Love all the details, you are so talented. I would love to live in that loft in NYC or somewhere super fun! Good luck with the rest of your finals girl!


Lisa { Mom Wife Design Life Blog} said...[Reply]

That looks like a fun project! Very time consuming but fun overall!

good job!

Unknown said...[Reply]

I love lofts! This is beautiful work Tiff :)

The Peak of Tres Chic said...[Reply]

OMG you did such an amazing job, Tiffany! Believe me, I know how hard those models are to build. Your elevations look great, too! Congrats on a job well done doll.

The Peak of Tres Chic said...[Reply]

OMG you did such an amazing job, Tiffany! Believe me, I know how hard those models are to build. Your elevations look great, too! Congrats on a job well done doll.

Preciously Me said...[Reply]

Love the colors you chose.
And I like the lighting you want to put in the entrance!
A very masculine and midcentury set, perfect ♥

Linda {Calling it Home} said...[Reply]

That is a lot of work. It looks fantastic. I love the open feel it has. The multiple light fixtures upstairs is so fun. I hope his make believe girlfriend likes it.

Unknown said...[Reply]

Way to go Tiff! so proud of all youve done and this amazing project! I hope you got an A- very fun loft and inspiration. Enjoy your holiday break and relax. Merry Christmas.
xo Nancy

McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...[Reply]

You did an amazing job! It looks fabulous!7

Anonymous said...[Reply]

WAY TO GO, TIFF! Amazing job... so proud of you. Those models can be a total b*tch! Such a good feeling to be done I know... xoxo

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Tim said...[Reply]

fantastic project Tiffany! Love the model home you built too! so detailed and it's all white! LOVE it!

ALLIE NYC said...[Reply]

Congratulations on the job sounds like a great project! Love your post about the past year. Yes blogging is A LOT of work -- but worth it. My one year blogiversary will be September 10 2013! Following on Bloglvin.

Ali of:

Michaela said...[Reply]

WOW wow wow!!! I love how it turned out! I've never had to make a model for any of my classes, but can imagine the hours spent on it were grueling! Love your concept and space planning. Your drawings are great! xo