Evolution of a Drawing: Modern Industrial Reception Area

It's been a little while since I shared my drawings with you guys, so I thought today I would show you the process of drawing this:
The first step is always the pencil drawing, in which you set your vanishing point, horizon line, and objects. Then I trace over this with a fine tip black architectural pen:
 After this is complete, I go in with varying shades of Prismacolor French Grey markers and add depth with shadows. I always love how this looks at the end and get nervous to add any colour!
Finally, I go in and add colour to get to the final result.
Next week I will be sharing the entire project! Stay Tuned!


Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...[Reply]

What a cool space!

Unknown said...[Reply]

Great job!!! Looks fantastic :)

honestly, b. said...[Reply]

Wow this is amazing! Love how you broke down the steps :) Great job!

Alexa said...[Reply]

Oh I love, love this space. Gorgeous.

Angela - RoseTinted Lenses said...[Reply]

Ahh this takes me back to my student days! I also studied Interior Design!
Great drawings x

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...[Reply]

You just blow me away!

Sarah said...[Reply]

Your drawings are excellent, I found this difficult when I was in school. Well done - ;-)