5 Organizational Tips for your Closet

  If you didn't catch the full reveal of my closet makeover yesterday, check it out here.
 Today, I'm getting into more detail about the transformation and organization. These changes cost me around $100 and prove that glamour and organization don't always mean spending the big bucks!
Before implementing these strategies, I recommend completely emptying out your closet and going through everything you have in there, deciding what to keep and what to donate. You might be surprised how much stuff you have hidden away in there!

1. Matching Hangers
 I never really gave much thought to my mismatched, mis-sized plastic hangers until I looked at some pictures of my closet. The visual clutter! Not to mention they often left the shoulders of my clothes dented or my clothes just ended up on the floor altogether.
I opted for thin felt hangers in black, which I LOVE. They help maximize hanging space and nothing slips off. 
Funny story about these. I snagged 80 hangers on sale at the Superstore for around $16. I could not pass up that deal, but I was on my bike (and had a load of groceries to get home as well). To say that was a struggle of a bike ride is an understatement. I would not recommend it! But it was worth it for the hangers. 

2. Storage Boxes
Much of the visual clutter in my closet in the 'before' picture is all my Interior Design textbooks. These are books that I want to keep, as I reference them from time to time, but that don't need to be constantly on display or super easily accessible. I placed them spine up in these storage boxes from IKEA, so that when I open the lid I can see all of the titles and quickly choose the book I need. 

3. Colour Coordination
This is a tip some people might roll their eyes at, but I do feel that arranging my clothes by colour and style makes finding what I am looking for in my closet that much easier.

4. First Impressions Count
Consider what you see when your closet door is left open. That should be the prettiest section of your closet. This is where I display my favourite shoes, my favourite palette (black, white gold and blush), and some art and decorative accessories. The art and decorative pieces came from other areas of my apartment, so I saved money here. The Chanel Store front is from Anna With Love Photography and the 'Leopard is a Neutral' print is from SS Print Shop. The girl in the dress was torn out of a Barbie calendar (see this post here).
On the other hand, I keep the less attractive stuff (cleaning supplies, toilet paper, bulky coats, my mini fridge etc). on the other side of my closet so you can't see it unless your standing inside.

5. Good Laundry Sorter
I picked up this laundry sorter for $35 from the Superstore. I hand wrote the labels on them to keep myself more organized. I love that it's on wheels, so I can easily roll it out to the laundry room.

Some other details: I placed a $12 faux sheepskin IKEA rug that I have had for years in here, painted my shoe rack gold, and hid my clear storage towers in the corner behind my maxi dresses. I also put up the octagonal mirror (I still am working on a solution for my bathroom mirror) and placed one of my vintage bamboo chairs under it. I also hung up my faux leather hat which I think is the cutest touch. 
I hope I've inspired you to do a little closet organization of your own! xox


Unknown said...[Reply]

You have inspired me to get my closet together!! Love the updates!!

XO Jana

Because I'm Obsessed said...[Reply]

You did a great job! I recently switched out all of my hangers from white plastic hangers to black felt hangers. While I love how they look, I hate how long it takes to hang the clothes up! Lol. I absolutely love the storage boxes and rug!

Because I'm Obsessed

Lesley Metcalfe said...[Reply]

I'm definitely inspired to makeover my closet(s) now! When I dismantled and sold my large IKEA wardrobe in preparation for my home office makeover, even after purging a ton I had to divide everything from the large wardrobe into two small closets - one in my new home office/former master bedroom, the other closet in my new principle bedroom/former guest room. I know that if I made better use of the space, I could get all my stuff into one and actually use the office closet for school and design supplies. Hopefully I'll find a great deal on thin felt hangers somewhere, they are great space savers. Thank you for the inspiration! Your closet makeover looks amazing.

Jen (House of Ruby Jean) said...[Reply]

Looks very clean and organized. I love how you put all the black, gold and blush together. Great job!

jackie jade said...[Reply]

it looks so fabulous! my closet is so teeny tiny but i definitely can organize it a bit better :)

Beth of designPOST Interiors said...[Reply]

You definitely have! Love how you didn't forget the details even though its a closet!

Julia@Cuckoo4Design said...[Reply]

Great tips. I've had those same storage boxes in my closet for years. I'm upset that I picked brown though. Maybe I'll have to just paint them.