Touches of Tassels

Gone are the days when tassels indicated formality in the form of elaborate drapery ties. Tassels are now fun and trendy, and I adore them (Could you tell by my header?). The fact that Audrey wore tassel earplugs in Breakfast at Tiffany's show that these can be timeless beauties as well!
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Did you catch out my bathroom reveal yesterday? If not,  check it out!
There is some more tasseled goodness to be seen in there. xo


Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...[Reply]

I love Audrey's eye cover in Breakfast at Tiffany's! So cute. And I agree- tassles are so fun! Love that keychain tassle.

Taylor {CoverGirl + Converse} said...[Reply]

I adore tassels! They are so so fun, and add a touch of elegant style to anything! Those shoes are so cool.
CoverGirl + Converse

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...[Reply]

I love the tassel on your header!!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...[Reply]

cool shoes! and i LOVE that bracelet


Sophie said...[Reply]

love Audrey with her earrings! and that bracelet is so cute! x

The Zhush said...[Reply]

awww, thanks so much! this post is RIGHT up my ally, as is your header, and actually your whole blog!

Interior Glass Doors said...[Reply]

Oh boy such an admirable tassels!