Take Me Out to the Ball Game

This weekend, my boyfriend and I made the short trip to Toronto to see the Blue Jays take on the Boston Red Socks. It was the perfect outing for rainy day weather (although I always prefer to go when the Skydome is open..such a great view of the CN Tower!). Even though the Jays lost, it was a fun day trip. 
Don't blue jays have the most beautiful colour pallet in their feathers? Sometimes the most gorgeous inspiration can be drawn from nature! See?!:
via decor pad
What did YOU get up to this weekend!?
xo Tiffany Leigh


Live-Style20 said...[Reply]

cute ; DD ;_)

Jessica said...[Reply]

What a cute couple! And yes, those blue jay wings are absolutely beautiful!! xo

Wendy said...[Reply]

Cute picture! I'm not much of a baseball fan - sorry! Great interior, the dining room of that house is a favourite of mine.

designchic said...[Reply]

You are so right...this room is amazing!!