Favourite Furniture Fridays: Vintage Teak Credenzas

I'm absolutely obsessed with mid-century modern Danish teak furniture, especially the credenza. I really haven't found a more perfect place to host a TV in currently constructed furniture. Mid-century modern furniture began following WWII, and continued through the 60s.

Although retro and vintage in look, the pieces' clean lines and simplicity allow it to compliment more modern spaces quite well. Mark my words, I WILL have one of these beauties in my future living room.

via Emily Henderson
^^ Emily Henderson is one designer who clearly gets my love of teak. You can see it all over this room: the coffee table, the chair, and of course, that credenza! She keeps the space looking up to date by painting the shell of the credenza white, adding a modern chair to the right, a metallic poof, and a bright and contemporary rug.

via desire to inspire
Teak credenzas work well to hold more than a TV. Use them to display a unique collection (as shown above), or to anchor the bottom of a gallery wall!

via Apartment Therapy
I think that the teak credenza would also be the perfect addition to any dining room! Use it as a sideboard to hold all your china, and dress the top like a bar: think pretty metal serving trays, sparkling champagne bottles, glass wine decanters, martini glasses and a fabulous lamp!

Below I've created two mood boards using the same teak credenza two different ways:

Modern Living Room
Glam Bar Area

Scour your local flee markets, thrift stores, antique shops, and garage sales to snag one of these beautiful pieces for your own home!
Love always,
Tiffany Leigh


Alison Royer said...[Reply]

I love mid century modern pieces and have the same credenza as the one in the fourth photo in a storage unit. I love it so much but I just don't have a spot for it yet! Great photos!

ali v. said...[Reply]

I seriously ADORE the glam bar area--so sweet and well done! thrilled to have stumbled on your blog :) have a great weekend! xoxo {av}

Janis @ Home Style said...[Reply]

LOVE teak credenzas......I'm actually on the hunt for one now.

Enjoyed reading a fellow Canadian Girl's blog.

Unknown said...[Reply]

I am looking to update my home office. I really like that teak credenza that has the four drawers in the middle of it. Would a big brand store carry a credenza that I could bring home and assemble?

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tepiol said...[Reply]

I'm absolutely obsessed with mid-century modern Danish teak furniture, especially the credenza. I really haven't found a more perfect place to ...

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