Favourite Furniture Fridays: Sadie + Stella

Hello you Tiffany Leigh loving fans, you. I guess that would be me talking to myself as well...I am Lindsay from Sadie + Stella Design. When Tiffany asked me to be here with you today, saying I was flattered would be quite the understatement. I think TL is so incredibly talented and definitely a star on the rise. I know this feature is about a favorite piece of furniture in your home, and honestly I did not have a hard time choosing. It has to be, none other, than our Stanley credenza. Taaaaa daaaaa. 
 Let me tell you. Finding this red beauty was not an easy task. Peeps would think we were looking for Osama bin Laden or something. When we first moved into our loft, not seen here, we had a 50' flat screen residing on top of a safe. Tres chic. I told the boy we would not be having any house guests unless that baby was replaced. My vision? Something red and something unique. After about 4 months of searching high and low, the boy found this Stanley credenza about 30 minutes from where we were living. Now here is the kicker. This beauty retails for close to $3,000. We got it for $500 from a private seller. I will not tell you my address, for fear that you all will come and loot this. Deal of the century and all of the credit goes to the boy on this one. 
Here is a little side view. You can also see our dining room rearing its beautiful head in the reflection of the TV. Thanks to my late working schedule and this damn Daylight's savings, the lighting was not working in my favor. Please accept my sincerest apologies. Thank you so much TL and TL readers for peeking at my favorite piece of furniture in our home. Make sure to come and visit me at S+S Design. Loves!
You guys all know what I'm eyeing in this photo...that foo dog! Jealousy ensues. The credenza is so glam too, and the perfect compliment to her dining room (which is a must see). Lindsay is another gal who knows how to use red right. It's my goal to learn her skills. So thrilled and honored to have you here today Lindsay! Thank you.


Sadie + Stella said...[Reply]

You are so sweet!! Thank you for having me! I am a girl who loves red. What can I say???

Cotton said...[Reply]

I think the boy has a future in estate sale finds! what a steal!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...[Reply]

Love me some Lindsay and always love red!

Linda {Calling it Home} said...[Reply]

Totally worth the hunt.

Albertina || Mimosa Lane said...[Reply]

So worth the time to find the perfect piece! Beautiful and the color is perfect! So S+S