DIY Leopard Acrylic Tray

After last week's one dollar dino post, I had a couple of e-mails asking about my leopard lucite tray.
It's actually a fantastically simple DIY inspired by the lovely Eileen of A Creative Day.
 Eileen's tray was inspired by the 'les touches' fabric and was created very simply with a gold leaf pen.
via A Creative Day
I was in love, and knew I had a small lucite tray that needed some leopard loving of it's own (I purchased it at Home Sense for around $5). AND it just so happened that I had the same gold leaf pen, so how could I not?
I went with a more traditional leopard design.

Now it's a perfection place for jewelry:


Every day beautify products:

Or even office supplies:

I just love it!
Hope you had a great weekend dolls xo


Domesticable said...[Reply]

What a great idea! May I ask, did you paint the underside or the top of the tray? I'm just thinking if the paint scrape off.

Great job.


charmaine said...[Reply]

Love a simple DIY!

Natalie said...[Reply]

Love! You did such a great job!

Live-Style20 said...[Reply]

lovely; DD

new post !!

Hannah said...[Reply]

Love both of your DIYs so much! I have a lucite tray that just might need a makeover!

Kristen said...[Reply]

Look at you! Your all about the diy's lately. This looks so good! I'd be afraid of messing it up freehand! It looks great though!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Adorable! Another great DIY!!

Sita said...[Reply]

That is my kind of DIY! Simple and beautiful!

STARDUST said...[Reply]

Simple and looks great too!

Jenn from A Pop of Style said...[Reply]

What a great job you did! You're so good at DIYs. I just started my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, check it out!


Julia Ryan said...[Reply]

fabulous. Both of you ladies did a great job on these lovelies!

Jessamie {Bird and Branch Redesign} said...[Reply]

Very, very cute! Does it scratch off at all? I think I'm going to be trying this on a picture frame soon!

Katie Wilkes said...[Reply]

Did you follow a pattern or anything to get the spots to look like that? I love the look, but I fear that if I tried it myself, it would look like a 2nd grader made it.

Aodhnait said...[Reply]

What a great idea. Looks great! I might try something like this over the weekend ;-)

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