Favourite Furniture Fridays: The Peak of Tres Chic

Hi there!  My name is Sam and I blog over at The Peak of Très Chic.  I am so honored to be here today posting on Tiffany's lovely blog for Furniture Friday!  I adore furniture and decor, after all, that's the reason I chose to be in the interior design industry.  I would describe my style as a mesh between classic and modern glamour.  The piece of furniture I wanted to highlight today is my bedside table:
I adore this table because it has an old world feel and a pretty painted finish that is juxtaposed with mirrored drawers.  I found it at a local antique store, and when I spotted it I just knew I had to have it!  I am constantly rearranging the vignette displayed on it.  Recently, I took a favorite page from a coffee table book I have called The Allure of Women and framed it in a simple black frame.  Then, I placed the picture on top of Glamorous Rooms to give the vignette a feminine feel:
I love walking in to my room and seeing this piece.  I hope you like it, too!
Thanks for having me over, Tiffany.  XOXO, Sam

Isn't this piece of Sam's so gorgeous and unique? I don't think I've seen anything similar to it before! What a great find. Antiquing wins again :) Thank you so much for sharing Sam!
Also guys, you NEED to check out Sam's blog. It's one of my daily reads.


Allyson [Mimosas in the Morning] said...[Reply]

I would definitely love to see that Louis in my house! Sam is great - love her blog!

McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...[Reply]

It's gorgeous! I love that lamp too

Live-Style20 said...[Reply]

cute bag :))

Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies said...[Reply]

Yes, the bag, but the small chest is great! I love that book! It's one of my favorites.

Cathy said...[Reply]

So different! Love your interiors blog!

Yvette | Classic Glam Blog said...[Reply]

wow I love the style of that bedroom!

Your blog is really great, btw, and your art is seriously fab.

I'd appreciate if you checked mine out as well! I'd love to follow you back.

Happy Saturday! xxox

Holly Foxen Wells of Glamour Mash said...[Reply]

Cute piece! Very old world and cool. I just love this Friday feature! Did you get my email by any chance about the feature?

Hope you are having a lovely weekend, Tiffany!
holly foxen wells

The Preppy Student said...[Reply]

wow! thats a beautiful piece. its so intricate and you can tell there are some lovely stories behind it!

Beds perth wa said...[Reply]

Looks like an antique. Like this one.

fluorescent light ideas said...[Reply]

Wonderful pictures. That's why I love going from blog to blog, gives you new ideas and a look to new designs. I really love it! Thanks!

pvc windows said...[Reply]

Antiques are a family's treasure because those furnitures had lived for generations and generations passed. That explains why are they so freaking expensive.